K-8 Partner in Learning Guides

Ontario's Ministry of Education has created the following support documents. These documents can help parents/guardians/caregivers understand grade level expectations to best support learning outside of school.

Language curriculum

The new language curriculum has been revised to help support learning in a 21st century environment. Key changes have been
made to modernize and build key foundational skills and transferable skills.

Language Guide

Social Studies, History & Geography

The 2023 social studies, history and geography curriculum has been updated to include new learning in Grades 1-3 and Grade 6. Key expectations at each grade level are highlighted in the document.

Social Studies, History & Geography Guide

Science and Technology

The science curriculum was updated in 2022. The update reflects a 21st century learning approach with key connections to technology and mathematics (STEM). These foundational and transferable skills will help students in a rapidly changing world.

Science and Technology Guide


The mathematics curriculum was updated in September 2020. It is part of a 4 year journey to help strengthen student achievement in
math, make connections to the real world and bring joy to mathematics.

Mathematics Guide

Health and Physical Education

The health and physical education curriculum consists of 4 sections: social emotion learning, active movement, movement competency, and heathy living. This learning connects to students' daily lives at school and in the community.

Health and Physical Education Guide

Parent’s Guide to Ontario’s Education System

Find information to help you support your child’s success and make informed decisions about their education.

Your child’s education: a parent guide to our school system