Walkerville Collegiate Institute Renovation

The 100 year old Walkerville Collegiate Institute building is undergoing a large-scale renovation.

Built in 1922 for - what at the time was an incredible - $600,000.00, the GECDSB is investing nearly $10 million of its renewal budget into this project. Work being done includes extensive work on the exterior masonry  and limestone facade as well as:

  • Window Replacement – Removal and replacement of existing exterior windows and door frames 
  • Water Service Installation and Coal Bunker  – installing a new 6” domestic water pipe (from the city-owned watermain to the school supply (inside the coal bunker).  Fill coal bunker.  Removal of water storage tanks and existing mechanical and electrical conduits.
  • New Music and Dance Room (CRA 120 and 121) – Fill in the existing pool and convert the space into the new dance and music room.   Create a new dressing room (to the left of the pool area) and new music practice room and storage spaces (to the right of the pool area).
  • Library Renovations – Remove existing mezzanine, wall/lockers.  Create quiet study areas, small offices, library circulation desks, conference room, and IT closet, upgrades to heating/cooling/ventilation, lighting and electrical upgrades, new reflective ceiling, floor, painting of walls.
  • Cafeteria Renovations – Window Replacement, Relocation of water fountain with bottle filler, floor replacement, new reflective ceilings, new rooftop Air Cooling Condensers, new light fixtures, painting walls
  • New Theatre Arts Room (CR 110) – Remove and replacement of existing millwork, upgrades to power i.e. receptacles & data outlets, repair damaged floor,
  • New Vocal Room and Office: Convert existing vocal coach room & practice rooms to a new vocal room and vocal office. New flooring, ceiling, upgrades to the HVAC, new lighting, power, painting walls
  • New Room: Convert existing dance room to a new classroom.
  • Science Room Drain Upgrade: New chemical neutralization tank, control panel, connection to existing sanitary stack and vent stack,  new faucets, relocation of existing hand sanitizer dispenser
  • Custodial Room Renovations – new floor layouts, plumbing, HVAC, lighting, and Power for 6 custodial rooms and creating mechanical rooms.
  • Gym Unit – A new Ventilation unit for gym and associated ductwork and structural support frame work.

 The project will be complete by September 2022, but as work is finished it is being turned over to the school for its use.


Photo Gallery: Walkerville Renovation will appear here on the public site.