WC Kennedy Gets a Facelift

To help extend its classic structure, the ninety-one-year-old W.C. Kennedy Collegiate building received a $5 million dollar facelift completed in 2020. Many renovations restored the school's outward appeal which stands guard over Jackson Park in Windsor.

Renovation details

To restore the W.C. Kennedy Collegiate building, we:

  • Rebuilt the entire façade facing Tecumseh Road
  • Refreshed the brass Kennedy Collegiate inscription above the main door
  • Re-pointed the masonry to extend the life of the exterior structure
  • Repaired the prominent windows in the library
  • Painted many areas inside the building
  • Installed a new roof
  • Added environmental upgrades
  • Repaired the storm sewer along the front of the building

Project timeline

Most of the renovation project was completed over eight months in 2020.


The W.C. Kennedy Collegiate was built in 1928 for $750,000, which was a large investment at the time. Built with a Gothic design, the structure had taken on an increasingly imposing temperament as it neared its 100th anniversary. This classic building has been compared to other notable architecture on the campuses of Oxford and Cambridge universities.