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GECDSB Math Vision

​​​Our Vision For Mathematics Learning:

“The GECDSB provides mathematics education that engages and empowers students through collaboration, communication, inquiry, critical thinking and ​​problem solving, to support each student’s learning and nurture a positive attitude towards mathematics.”

Whenever we strive to improve in any way, a vision of what that improvement might be is essential. We need to know what we are working towards and why that is important. We also need to know how we plan to reach that vision. 

This vision has been developed specifically by and for the Greater Essex County District School Board through consultations with a wide variety of stakeholders including elementary and secondary teachers and administrators, program staff, Student Success, and Special Education. The intent of this vision, and the related strategies and approaches to mathematics teaching and learning, is to support schools and educators as they reflect on the needs of their students and how they will address them as part of their ongoing School Improvement Plans.

Within this vision, there are various responsibilities we assume. As a school board, we believe our responsibilities are to create conditions for mathematics learning:
  • ​where competent and knowledgeable educators integrate instruction and assessment;
  • where educators and administrators are committed to ongoing learning about mathematics and mathematics instruction;
  • where learning environments nurture positive attitudes towards mathematics; and,
  • where all students have opportunities and support to learn significant mathematics with depth and understanding. 

It is the belief of the board that where this vision is actively pursued, and where these responsibilities are met, student achievement in mathematics will increase over time.

To learn more about the responsibilities we assume as a school board to ensure that we successfully enact Our Vision, please read our GECDSB Vision For Mathematics and the GECDSB Guide To The Math Vision​.

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A Vision for Mathematics, 2014

​Download for iBooks or as a PDF:
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Guide to the Math Vision, 2018

 as a PDF:
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Addendum to GECDSB Math Vision

In early 2016, as a result of the work of the GECDSB Math Task Force, the revision and extension of the GECDSB Math Vision began. The first area to be expanded in the second version of this vision was the "Learning Environment" (found on page 5 of the original vision). 

​This enhancement can be found below.