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Greater Essex County District School Board
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GECDSB Math Task Force

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Project Overview 

In the fall of 2014, the Greater Essex County District School Board released A Vision for Mathematics, which set the aims of mathematics education for the GECDSB. This document was developed from an extensive review of research, and grounded in the principles of the Full-Day Early Learning—Kindergarten program and the Ontario Mathematics Curricula for grades 1-8, 9 & 10, and 11 & 12. It was instrumental in extending the discourse of mathematics education toward a comprehensive definition of mathematical proficiency.

Conversations about mathematics teaching and learning continued, and greater attention was placed on how to best support student achievement in mathematics. In the spring of 2015, the Trustees of the Greater Essex County District School Board approved a motion for the formation of a “Math Task Force.”  The purpose of this Task Force was to examine the practices of mathematics teaching and learning from multiple perspectives within the GECDSB, and to advise Senior Administration and the Board of Trustees as to how best to support future planning in the area of mathematical teaching and learning.
The GECDSB Math Task Force is comprised of a diverse group of individuals including Trustees, classroom educators, school administrators, parent/guardian representatives, central office staff, university and community experts, and university students.  In addition to the committee members, external experts from the field of education provided input as “critical friends” of the cooperative work.  

The Math Task Force reconvened in January of 2019 to revisit the considerations set forth by the first Math Task Force Report. The goal of Math Task Force 2.0 is to consider the relevance and level of implementation of the 14 original considerations. This group engaged in dialogue, school level observation, and sought feedback from stakeholders and experts to inform next steps and revisions to the existing considerations.​​

Learning Briefs

Both the 2016 Math Task Force and the 2019 Math Task Force 2.0 Reports include Learning Briefs intended to summarize the stance of GECDSB related to various topics related to mathematics education. The length of each Learning Brief varies from two (2) to six (6) pages in length in order to give the reader a quick snapshot into some of the big ideas that have come out of the work from the Math Task Force.

While all Learning Briefs can be found in their respective Math Task Force Report, we have included each individually below for easy access.